Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the way to Yottawatts - the 30 Terawatt Challenge

Why try to hide it. I am a nuclear energy advocate and I believe that improved forms of fission nuclear energy should be used to supply the world’s need for cheap and affordable clean power.

A context for Thorium - video presentation by Dr. Richard Smalley of Rice University regarding our "Energy Challenge".

Making good decisions generally requires getting the big picture right. If you start with an accurate "big picture" you have a hope of choosing effective supporting implementing strategies.

I think Dr. Smalley's presentation does a great job of presenting the big picture of the Terawatt challenge we face over the next couple of decades. If you haven't seen it you might find it interesting.


  1. There’s a truly powerful pro-nuclear argument I’ve never seen given much attention before: according to the Keystone Center’s “Nuclear Power Joint Fact Finding," failing to replace existing nuclear power plants over the next half-century would actually increase carbon emissions by 12.5 gigatons. Unless we’re planning on replacing all the nuclear facilities set to go off-line with something other than coal or natural gas plants, we’ll be making climate change worse.

  2. Wow, an hour an a half. I'll see how much I watch...

    What is your comment on the German Thorium reactor, to my understanding, it had a major safety problem, which put the advisablity of Thorium nuclear reactors in question, leading to the cancellation of that program.

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