Saturday, January 30, 2010


The Obama Administration has created a website called CitizenTube which is a web based feedback forum for the Obama Administration.
The President says he will respond to submitted questions in a live YouTube interview at the White House on Monday, February 1st, at 1:45 p.m EST. I have submitted the following question requesting the President to


The TEXT of my question is:
"There is a synthetic element called Uranium-233 that is valuable for curing cancer and for starting Thorium reactors in an extremely low nuclear waste generating mode. ORNL has been instructed by Congress to destroy all U-233. Can you help save it?
Robert Steinhaus, Castro Valley - Jobs & the Economy“

The President says he will answer the questions that receive the most votes in his Monday, February 1st interview so I am asking that you consider dropping by the Obama CitizenTube Website

LINK Obama CitizenTube Feedback Website

then use the website SEARCH feature to search on "U-233" and vote up the  question by clicking on the upward thumb pointing hand.

The deadline for voting is Sunday at 8 p.m. EST.

Please vote for this question or submit your own “Save America’s U-233” question.

Perhaps we can get the attention of the President and staff on this important issue and save the natural best material needed for the startup charge for the first LFTR (although it is quite possible to start LFTRs on a wide range of fuels at somewhat higher cost and with greater complexity - particularly in the supporting reactor chemical plant).

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